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Operation Take Back Your Husband

Operation Take Back Your Husband


Principles are principal requirements for positive revolution.Every result an individual desires is possible if the individual can apply the right principles. Principles are determining factors between: right and wrong, good and evil, failure and success, prosperity and poverty, a successful marriage and an unsuccessful marriage.

Principles are simply laid down rules, formulas, or settings for life occurrences. Nothing happens by chance and there is no accidental breakthrough. Every positive result is provoked by a correct application of the right principles. It is said in physics that, an object is at its resting place until a force is applied to it. This goes to confirm the truth that every positive result in life is as a result of a well calculated strategy. If most women have lost their husbands to other women, it is simply because of the principles they failed to apply. If free women are today parading with the husbands of most married women, it is because they apply principles which were to be applied by the married women but they failed. It is one thing for a woman to get married and another thing for her to keep her home. It is one thing for a woman to have a husband and another thing for her to keep her husband to herself.

Failure in principles must result to a breakdown in a marriage relationship. Every positive result in life is governed by principles. Ignorance of the principles which governs healthy marital relationship is what most married women are ignorant of. This ignorance has imprisoned most women in loneliness and joyless marriage relationship. While in the contrary, most free women are living happily with the husbands of married women because they are applying the principles meant for the married women to keep their homes, and their husbands to themselves. This implies, right has behaved wrongly and wrong has behaved rightly. Married women have failed to do what is right and so, they have given opportunity to free women to exploit this failure to their advantage. The solution to this dilemma is not tears, nor suicide but a rediscovery of the principles applied by the free women which attracted the husbands of the married women. When these principles are discovered and applied by married women, there will be a natural occurrence of the return of their husbands. A man can not leave his wife to another woman, if the wife is providing what the husband is looking for outside.

When a woman succeeds to bring home what the husband is looking for outside, that puts an end to the husband’s search. If a man leaves a woman to another woman and not to an angel, it implies the problem is not a personality problem but a principle problem. For a woman to keep her home or to take back her husband, principles are more of demands than her personality. I have seen beautiful educated women lose their husbands to uneducated women. I have seen house wives lose their husbands to house girls. The issue is not a personality problem, but a principle problem. Throughout this book, we will be exploring the principles which are highly needed for a woman to keep her home or take back her husband. The first time I brought out these principles in an operation take back your husband seminar, held in Bamenda Cameroon, thousands of women testified of regaining their husbands after these principles were applied. If you are a woman reading this book, know that you are face to face with knowledge which can change your world. Don’t only read but apply this principles and you will be dazed with surprises as far as your marriage is concerned.

If you are a young unmarried lady, know that the information in this book will prepare you to enjoy your marriage and not to endure. Preparation determines implementation. The loss of husbands to free women is not a personality problem but a principle problem, and operation take back your husband is a battle of principles. Any woman who fails in the application of the right principles in her marriage must fail in her home. A wise woman buildeth her house but the foolish one (one void of the principles of successful marriage) tears it down with her hands1. Most women have driven their husbands away by their ignorance, attitude and character. I believe this book is a social contribution to enhance quality and healthy marital relationship. If you are a woman reading this book, I see you become a wise woman who will build her home and not a foolish woman who will tear down her home.


“And in that day seven women shall take hold of one man, saying, we will eat our own bread, and wear our own apparel: only let us be called by thy name, to take away our reproach”. What is not valued must surely be devalued. What is not appreciated, must surely depreciate. What a person values, he cherishes. What a person values, he protects. What a person values, he keeps.

What a person does not value, must be take from him and given to some one who values it. What a person does not value he can’t keep. Etc. The value concept is an important principle to help women keep their husbands. A woman’s value for her marriage will determine the way she operates in her home. According to the above quotation, it is said, a day will come when the ratio of women to men will be “seven is to one”. This implies, there will be seven women to one man. I declare boldly without any apology that, that day is finally here. To every single man, there are seven women looking for vacancy. This should place a married woman in a position where she should not take her marriage to her husband as a privilege but as a responsibility. If you know that what you have is being contested by seven other persons, it is wisdom to value it and cherish it. That is why the book of proverbs commended the wise woman for building her house and shamed the foolish woman for tearing down her home.

“Every wise woman buildeth her house: but the foolish plucketh it down with her hands”2.

Only a foolish woman with no sense of value will look low on her marriage. And of a truth, most women have actually insulted and abused the privilege of marriage. This attitude has driven their husbands away in search of other women who can value and respect their privilege of being chosen as a wife among seven. There is an adage which says, ‘what a person has, he doesn’t value like the man who doesn’t have it’. This is true of many women. The way some women treat their marriages; have given the free women a lot of opportunity to attract their husbands, by trying to prove more caring and loving. A man without the fear of God can never live with a woman who looks low on him. Men have a natural pride as the head of the home. Any attitude from the women which throws this crown on the ground sends the men who lack the fear of God, running behind free ladies who greatly value their privilege with a married man.

If a woman will keep her home, her value for her husband must change. And if a woman will bring back her husband, she must reveal her great value for the man. Free ladies have made great use of the value concept for so long and have cheated the married women from their husbands. A man, whose wife disrespects him and is indifferent to her marriage responsibilities, will be easily attracted by a free girl who can offer him such services. Some free girls have applied all valuable methods like being more respectful and caring. Others offer services like the washing of men’s dresses, ironing them, cooking food on time, speaking sweet words to their targeted men. These are things which the married women ought to have applied. Most married women have abandons such services to their house girls. Others believe women emancipation is the freedom of women from their services at home and to their husbands I call on all married women to be wise. The time for foolishness is over. Let each married woman start to value her marriage and things will take a beautiful turn.