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Getting Rid of Stretch Marks – Some Known Methods (Over-The-Counter)

Getting Rid of Stretch Marks – Some Known Methods (Over-The-Counter)

Stretch marks are common to women after giving birth. It can also be the result of losing a lot of weight within only a short period of time. When a part of the body deflates in size too fast (usually the belly area), the surrounding skin will not be able to adapt to the quick change. As a result, the skin collapses and becomes wrinkled – this is the skin condition known as stretch marks.

Unlike other skin conditions, these marks do not really pose any health risks. You can leave it there and it will not do you harm. What is displeasing is its appearance. This is why many women can no longer wear some of their clothes after giving birth – they attempt to hide the unsightly stretch marks.

But while some women find contentment in just leaving their marks untreated, especially when the condition is not that worse, some women desperately look for solutions. If you are one of them, here are treatment options for stretch marks:


This is one of the most common treatment methods for stretch marks. Its goal is to gradually peel off the damaged layers of skin. As a result, the healthier and less damaged skin layers beneath will emerge.

Peeling may be done continuously – usually with periods of rest. This is to allow new layers of skin to grow beneath the damaged layers. In time, the signs of these marks will be significantly reduced. If the condition is not that worse, the skin may return recuperate completely.

Peeling lotions and creams that may be used to gradually improve the appearance of stretch marks can be bought over-the-counter. These products usually contain peeling ingredients such as Alpha Hydroxyl Acid, Salicylic Acid, Tretoin, and others.


These marks are the result of ‘loose skin’. This is to say that the skin is bigger than the body part that it surrounds. Therefore, one known solution to treating stretch marks is to cause the skin to ‘shrink’. When the skin shrinks, it will again fit the body part that it surrounds.

So how can ‘shrinking’ be achieved? This is usually done with skin firming products. These are designed to restore the damaged structure of the skin. A common ingredient is collagen – an ingredient that is known worldwide to have effective firming effects on the skin.


Stretch marks are usually dry skin. By providing a lot of moisture on a regular basis, the appearance of these marks may improve. Also, moisturizers can help boost the firming effects of firming lotions.

Moisturizers are also commonly used together with peeling lotions and creams. This is because peeling products can cause the skin to become dry and thus aggravating the skin more.


One reason why stretch marks are unsightly is because they show symptoms of heavy discoloration. Simply put, these marks are dark and sometimes chapped. Whitening products help make stretch marks look less visible.

As a quick-solution option however, surgical treatment methods may be employed by a qualified practitioner. Laser treatments are now in trend. They provide quick results but for a hefty price.