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What Are the Major Specifications of Inventory Management System

What Are the Major Specifications of Inventory Management System

Understanding What an Inventory Management Software in UAE is
An inventory management software is a system that allows you to track goods across your business’s supply chain. It electronically tracks your product and unit levels, orders, sales, and deliveries. At the same time, it provides tools for monitoring the stock levels and generating reports.
Typically, a business will have their items moving in different directions. For starters, there are purchases of stock. When consumers of the business buy products, it leads to a reduction in stock levels. And there are often replacements or returns of defective products that must be accounted for. This is difficult to keep track of without the help of a transparent supply chain solution.
Therefore, the best catalogue management system in Dubai will seamlessly adjust stock levels whenever there is a sale, purchase, or return. Most IMS solutions also offer further capabilities to make managing stock even more efficient.

Major Specifications of an Inventory Management System in UAE
At its core, the major specifications of an ERP solution are to provide ways to store, organize, track, manage, and analyze inventory data effectively and seamlessly.
There are a ton of features that are typically included in an IMS to meet these specifications. This includes the following:
User-friendly interface that everyone in the company can navigate through
Automation for eliminating manual processes of business functions related managing products
A reliable, secure database that provides accurate, real-time data
Fast and accurate real-time inventory level adjustments
The ability for administrators to easily add software modules with the minimal configuration so that the system is scalable
All-in-one IMS solution for handling incoming and outgoing stocks
Categorization of different types of stock with unique ID codes or tags
Ability to create purchase orders, invoices, and other documentation easily and correctly

Core Functions of an Inventory Management Software in Dubai
To achieve these above-mentioned specifications, a supply chain managing system in Dubai should include the following functions:

  • Purchase order generator
  • Instant invoicing
  • Barcode scanner
  • Auto-adjusting stock levels
  • Payment status
  • Shipping management
  • Point of sale software
  • Serialized inventory management solution
  • Re-order stock notification
  • Real-time unit tracking
  • Reporting and analysis tools
  • Choosing an IMS that meets all the major specifications is key to ensure that your supply chain software benefits your business over a long period. This is because it will provide the functionality needed to help your company monitor and manage stock levels in cost- and time-saving ways.
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