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They Complain About the Industrial Military Complex, What About The Other Complexes?

They Complain About the Industrial Military Complex, What About The Other Complexes?

It’s amazing how many folks complain about the military industrial complex and yet, don’t ever seem to mention any of the other damaging incestuous relationships which go on. And really when it comes to the military, well, that’s imperative to our National Security right? So, it’s probably wise to have our military working closely with industry, and it’s also important that politicians get it, and therefore they need to be on the same page.

Yes, Eisenhower warned us to raise an eyebrow and monitor the situation, “beware” was his operative word, but he didn’t say to shut down the military, or the industry-ties needed to foster that strength or supply chain. You know, sometimes I wonder if all the anti-war protesters just need to grow up some day, it’s like they can’t break out of the 1960s and they view every world event under the same lens, often missing real problems which float right by them like giant oil tankers down the local canal.

Indeed, not long ago, I was have such a conversation with an admitted war protester, now living in Canada, which is probably a good thing for both them and us here. They apparently are still complaining about the Military Industrial Complex, but it should be noted that, back then when Eisenhower made that statement in his farewell address, the military industrial complex was nothing compared to what we have today. Right now, we have the Industrial Complex-Complex.

That is to say we have the Big Pharma Complex, the Education-University Complex, the Medical Complex, the Lawyer Complex, the Auto Complex, the Telecommunication, the Alternative Energy Complex, the IT Complex, the Intelligence Complex, and the BioFuel Complex, and that’s just in the main Complex. We also have lots of little ones too, such as the prison complex.

Sure, it’s wise to beware the Industrial Military Complex, but that doesn’t mean we don’t need a strong national defense. We should keep an eye on any potential challenges where the government is too inter-twined with an incestuous relationship with businesses. Heck, Adam Smith warned us about that, so, it should be any big surprise. Sometimes I feel as if America has a complex.

Worse, I think it is outrageous that folks want to revert back to the 1960s with that old motif, and turn a blind eye to all the rest of the complexes. Sure, we need to beware there, and in all our complexes for that matter. So, if anyone is looking for malfeasance, or financial manipulation of government funds, or anything of the like, they need to look at the bigger picture, not just the favorite whipping dog. Please consider all this and do wake up out of your dream state when you get a chance will you?