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Mobile Application Necessity For Your Ecommerce Business

Mobile Application Necessity For Your Ecommerce Business

Why do we need mobile applications for eCommerce? These are some of the most common questions that can be answered by smart consumers and mobile application development companies. Android, Windows, and iOS platform development have fetched more than $100 Billion worldwide. Mobile technology has become the need of the hour.

Irrespective of the digital distribution service operator I.e Google Play or Apple store, we can book a cab, make a payment, post a review on a restaurant, search new restaurants nearby, search important places, book movie tickets, shop 24/7, calculate currency exchange, calculate our BMI, change mobile wallpapers and much more. Businesses have acknowledged the fact that more than 3 billion customers use smartphones that have quality apps. E-commerce giants like FlipKart, Snapdeal, Amazon, Paytm, Myntra have made customized mobile applications for their customers so that they can browse through their exclusive products, view and add to cart, pay securely and get push notifications on new product arrivals and discounts. The advent of these applications has helped business owners build a loyal customer database and offer them best products and services by analyzing their Application performance, thereby fulfilling their mission of sales and marketing. There are many benefits of developing a mobile application for eCommerce, of which, these are the main ones:

1. Usability & Speed: Unlike a web page, mobile applications can be downloaded in a jiffy, depending upon broadband or mobile data speed. There is 100% chance of getting an improved design and interactivity feature within the app after the initial download, HD visuals, animations can be a part of it. For example, products can be zoomed in and viewed at a time when a user is traveling or attending a meeting and can quickly show the product to his/her client. For eCommerce stores, showing products in grid view is an added plus. After download, a lot of the functionality works relatively quicker in the app than in a website.

2. Built-in Features: Mobile Applications can sync with your smart phone’s inbuilt features like Camera, location/ GPS, Microphone etc. You can now let your customers turn to sellers by letting them use their phone’s camera, take pictures of new products and upload them on your app after your approval. Location / GPS services work best in calculating your user’s current location and letting you offer relevant products and services nearby their location.

3. Push Notifications: These notifications remind your customers of an ongoing sale or festive bonanza, special discount etc. But be careful not to overuse them as they provoke anger due to repetition. Alternatively, you can set an option for them in the app for them to receive notifications as per the duration they set up – alert management.

4. Brand Management – Through a mobile application, business owners can attract repeat customers, unlike websites. This is because the loading time is lesser and product view and engagement is deeper than a mobile website. The biggest advantage of purchasing through the app is the ability to save time and frustration of choosing one product after roaming in 4-5 shops, physically. Best of the lot is fetched to them on user-friendly applications.

The real purpose of building the mobile application is to simplify the lives of users, no matter which industry it is made for. If you are wondering where to begin in mobile application development, contact web development and mobile application development experts today!