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Job Search 101 – Notorious Blunders & Errors You Can Avoid

Job Search 101 – Notorious Blunders & Errors You Can Avoid

Your job search is serious business. For many it is one of the most stressful and unrewarding experiences. To make life easier, we are going to focus on eliminating the unproductive activities. As a result of knowing what is truly not working, you can now focus on what does work instead. When you are stuck at a dead end job, have a bad boss or just need employment again quick this will be most enlightening. Let’s face facts folks often addition by subtraction is the solution we all need. Avoid the following mistakes, errors and blunders. Spend your time, and effort focusing on getting interviews.

– Leaving your resume in the copy/fax machine at current job, so your current boss gets it.
– Leaving your cover letters in the fax at work so your boss can find it.
– Posting your resume on the internet so your employer can find it with your name on it!
– Responding to blind employment ads/fake/suspicious employment ads. See above.
– Disclosing your SS# & DOB to unconfirmed/suspicious sites, especially as a result of an email.
– Think about using a pro resume writer for your resumes and cover letters if yours is merely average.
– Not adding “do not contact current employer” on the application, Use April 2002 – Present on resume if currently employed so clericals know not to verify this employer.
– Emphasizing self employment success – proving you don’t need a job or won’t stay long ever!
– Unflattering Google search results on your name. Also check Blogs, MySpace, Facebook, LinkedIn.
– Most pro resume services offer free objective resume reviews, why not take advantage of this?
– Don’t forget all the free research done for you on job hunting in online job hunting info articles.
– Don’t show hatred or dislike of your previous employers in interviews.
– Don’t wait till you are unemployed to build and maintain your network of connections.
– Don’t forget about powerful free job searching and networking tools on LinkedIn.
– Don’t hesitate to use quality professional recruiters and job search coaches as your allies.
– Don’t forget to keep focused on the positive. Your attitude is easily read by others.
– Do swim with the current, always follow the mega-trends. If the mortgage industry is dead. Slide into the insurance business and take advantage of the clientele you have built up over the years.
– Yes, stay flexible, changeable and adaptable. You may have to relocate to a better job market.
– Take advantage of telecommuting programs now widely available at many employers.
– Forget about lying – education can and will be verified, jobs, credit, reputation etc…
– Only use job postings for less than half your job search time if that. Be pro-active instead.
– Don’t reveal all your weaknesses in interviews either. It is okay to say I left for personal reasons.
– Never use your work email for job hunting communication, even if they say it is private. It is not.
– Use Twitter only as if your boss was always included in the conversation, if you want to keep your job.
– Always keep a job hunting log to track your results and make follow up a lot easier.

Maybe you have lost weeks or months to a mistake. Then start your addition by subtraction right away. Don’t listen to the media talking about layoffs, outsourcing and more layoffs. Turn off the boob tube and any other sources of bad news, and start focusing on getting hired, positive interviews and results instead. It is amazing how powerful your subconscious mind is when peace and tranquility is restored. The answers to all your challenges will just come to you, simply by asking yourself questions.