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Create Your Own Web Page – Easy Steps to Add an Email Address To Your Domain Name

Create Your Own Web Page – Easy Steps to Add an Email Address To Your Domain Name

When you are trying to build up your own website, it is important that it should look as professional as possible. If you have already made the effort to purchase a domain name in the first place – it is definitely worthwhile to have an email address linked to it.

Nothing looks as professional as having an email address that is linked to your domain name as it gives it a very polished and professional look.

In this article I will show you how easy it is to add an email address linked to your domain name.

Before I begin however – I want to quickly clarify one thing.

There are 2 kinds of emails. Internet and Domain based.

What’s the difference?

1. Web Based Email

This is usually a free service. The most popular ones are Yahoo, Gmail and Hotmail.

To read your emails, you will first need to log into your internet account and then check your messages.

Although there is nothing wrong with using these emails, if you are trying to project a more professional image, it is best to create an email address linked to your domain. Additionally, you will find that domain based emails are generally much easier to remember!

2. Domain Based Email

Once you have bought a domain name, you can subsequently attach a relevant email address to it. For example Bob @vintagecars.com.

Setting up a domain based email is easily done via your hosting account. You will also be able to forward all your emails directly to your computer (Nescape, Outlook) and access them directly from there.

This is how to do it!

Understanding the process

You will need to create a new mail box at your hosting account. This new mail box will have exactly the same name as your new email address.

Let’s say the domain is vintagecars.com, the new email address could be Bob @vintagecars.com

Step by step guide

Although there is a multitude of hosting providers, the following steps will tend to be generally the same:

  • Log into your hosting account (HostGator, Bluehost, Yahoo, etc.)
  • (Nb: for those using HostGator, the easiest way to log in the control panel is by typing the following: www. nameofyourwebsite/cpanel)
  • Click email accounts
  • Add a new email account
  • Type in password

You can now access your emails via the web, your hosting account. In order to read your emails on your computer (Outlook, Nescape…) you will need to add the new email address to the relevant email program.

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