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Complete Financial Breakthrough – Book Review

Complete Financial Breakthrough – Book Review

By: Kenneth & Gloria Copeland (2009)

ISBN 978-1-60683-356-8

Book Price: $24.95

Circling the globe

Kenneth and Gloria Copeland are the best-selling authors of more than 60 books. They have circled the globe for over 41 years, releasing the uncompromised Word of God. Their television broadcasts air daily on more than 500 stations around the world. Their BVOV magazine is distributed to over 1 million believers worldwide.

10-day spiritual action plan for finances

In ten chapters, Kenneth & Gloria Copeland present a 10-day spiritual action plan for our finances. They highlight points such as, what is prosperity (Ch. 1), the truth about tithing (Ch. 4), the secret to receiving (Ch. 6), a prosperous soul (Ch. 7), the economy, the enemy and the believer (Ch. 9), and your heavenly assignment (Ch. 10).

Keys to true prosperity

Kenneth and Gloria present a comprehensive, interactive study. This complete 10 day package combines morning and night-time journal activities with daily scripture meditation, CD and DVD products and a daily prayer of faith. The Copelands open with the importance of money stating, “… the Church has been led to believe that prosperity is bad… ” also, “For the committed believer who cares about the eternal destiny of others, money matters.”

The Copelands have a clear strategy within this product to engage readers and impart keys. The second chapter establishes prosperity as God’s will, conveying, “From the beginning of time, He has provided financial prosperity for His people through obedience to His Word… then do something about the poverty in the rest of the world.”

Daily prayers connect readers, by faith, to the will and purpose of God for their prosperity. Authors write, “Father, I thank You that I am an heir to THE BLESSING! I choose life today. I choose to be a conduit for what You want to do in this world. Thank You for Your Word and the many blessings that are mine. In Jesus’ Name. Amen.”

This document presents bold truth, revealing Kenneth and Gloria’s convictions that have led to their success in life. They share, “… giving the first 10 percent of your income to God-is the first subject that must be discussed because it is the cornerstone of real, biblical prosperity. God’s financial blessings are reserved for the tither alone.”

Complete financial breakthrough

Kenneth & Gloria Copeland provide a powerful 10-Day spiritual action plan for complete financial breakthrough.