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Anonymous Web Surfing – Hide Your IP To Protect Your Personal Identity Online

Anonymous Web Surfing – Hide Your IP To Protect Your Personal Identity Online

An internet protocol address is the secret behind those e-mails you get from various internet marketers. That is why a website like Google is able to personalize its web page according to your country of location. With a bit of carelessness on your part; hackers could hijack your computer if your system becomes porous. Google and some marketing companies on the World Wide Web use this information purely for commercial and other legitimate reasons; however, the case is different with hackers. Anonymous web surfing is one method many people are gradually embracing these days; and I am sure you want to find out how you can benefit from it as well.

The destination as well as the source of every search or messages sent over the internet is determined by this unique set of numbers called IP address. Once it is assigned to you by your internet service provider; virtually anyone online can locate where you are on the internet map. Now that you pretty much know how hackers and marketers find their ways to your computer; would it not be appropriate to prevent any abuse? Basically, marketers store your browsing activities in order to send you regular updates of products and services. Your personal information stored in the databases of these websites helps them know your browsing habits.

Hackers are behind most of the potentially harmful programs hitting the internet virtually everyday. However, access to your personal information and files cannot be possible if when you hide your IP before hitting the address bar of any website.

However, technology has taken up the challenge; and today there are different hide your IP programs on the internet. This program is designed to replace your genuine IP location with another one. Once downloaded and installed on your computer; you will be able to surf anonymously, and also able to get hackers off your back for good. No one will be able to trace or send you spam emails with this program seating comfortably on your system tray. Updates are also done automatically by the software; giving you time to do other things.

You will be assigned a dedicated IP or given access to different internet protocol addresses, with ability to automatically switch locations; and still you will be able to enjoy anonymous web surfing anytime you want to. You will also be able to use your credit card for online shopping, and access your bank accounts without fear of being exposed to hackers.