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QuickBooks Hosting – Why it Pays to Have QuickBooks Hosted by an Application Service Provider

QuickBooks Hosting – Why it Pays to Have QuickBooks Hosted by an Application Service Provider

QuickBooks Hosting is a part of a growing trend of Cloud Hosting services. As cloud computing gets more accepted as a platform for virtualization of your IT infrastructure the relevance of Application Service Providers are gaining more recognition, for their efforts at simplifying the way, in which we manage our IT resources. This technology is especially relevant for small and medium businesses, who want to cut their start up time or those, who don’t want to invest heavily in their IT infrastructure and to bear further cost, in their management. This process of Cloud Hosting gains more importance, as IT may not be the core business of a firm and hence, to leave it to specialized application providers is never a bad option especially if it cost much less in terms of cost.

Technology forecasters such as Gartner and Foresters have predicted a very rosy picture about the cloud hosting phenomenon and an estimate by Gartner Inc. forecasts that around 80% of Fortune 1000 enterprises will get some sorts of services based on cloud computing until 2012. It is not without reason that Microsoft, IBM, Google, Amazon and Yahoo have pushed for cloud company in a big way.

In the context of Cloud hosting let us see what benefits it accrue to the small businesses .One is the easy implementation, as you need not purchase any additional hardware or software for cloud computing implementation. Further ,this is very fast as it comes ready made. So, Hosting services are more reliable as huge data centers and technical experts allow full proof security and a glitch free operation of your IT infrastructure.

Now we will look into the benefits of Cloud hosting in the context of Bookkeeping requirements of Small business and see how an Application Service Provider can really make its implementation easy not only for the CPAs but also for their clients. One thing you must understand is that in QuickBooks Hosting your licensed software ,instead of running on your infrastructure is installed and run on the ASP servers. This means that it is managed by them as well , and what you access is a service at your terminal as a simple desktop application, which is just like a file on your desktop. This makes your work really easy as you don’t have to invest in the IT infrastructure requirements and security aspect of the backup, which is now responsibility of the service provider.

With enhanced security provided by QuickBooks Hosting comes reliability and with the facility of full always on technical support you just admire the way, your day to day technicalities regarding the troubles in your IT infrastructure have vanished. Of course QuickBooks Hosting comes at a price but you must also compare the huge cost you would have incurred in installing all the versions of the software and manning it.

By going for Hosted QuickBooks CPAs save considerable time, by having anywhere connectivity, multi user remote access facility and simultaneous access of files by both the client and the CPAs is immensely useful in growing your business and at the same time making it more efficient.

For QuickBooks Hosting data security aspects can’t be overlooked. Application Service Providers have more expertise in providing for security of your file transfers that the technical skills an in house specialist can have and this is in addition to dual backups of your data on the fully protected ASPs datacenters.

Besides QuickBooks Hosting , you get additional security facilities such as port monitoring, system security services, operational security services, security assessment with client reporting. And Application Service Providers do not provide just one service .They provide many associated facility all of them of which may be useful to a small firm. For example besides QuickBooks Hosting ASPs may also provide Tax software hosting, server hosting and many managed services which can be helpful to a Small firm in integrating all its IT related needs than to mange them separately.