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Innovative Ideas for HR

Innovative Ideas for HR

In the current business climate, worker retention techniques are incredibly necessary in every field of business. From 2008 to 2011, there was a general consensus amongst employees that they should stay in their current jobs due to the economic climate as well as lack of other opportunities. Even as the market slowly continues to improve, employees are now making the move to other companies which may also include competitors. To combat this change for high-value employees, companies are looking for innovative ideas for HR to assist them with employment retention.

How can a company keep an employee that is looking to leave their current situation? There is a saying that “the grass is greener” even though the employee may not know the new environment in which they are attracted. If they are a top producer or seen as an expert in the industry, it is imperative for the existing company to do everything within their power to retain that employee. Outside of legal agreements, there are innovation and management practices that can be employed so that the candidate in question will want to stay in their current position.

What if the candidate in question is someone that has small children at home? They may be looking for opportunities in which they can ease flexible schedules so that they can take care of their kids. Technology companies have always been at the forefront of innovative ideas and HR because they always take this scenario into consideration and are very proactive in their response to it. There are companies like Google and Apple that have day care on company grounds. This way the parent in question has a greater peace of mind knowing that their child is being taken care of and that they are nearby should any emergencies arise. Research has shown that parents are more productive in the workplace when they have an overall feeling that their kids are taking care of and that they are in close proximity.

What if the employee feels that they are not properly knowledge and taken advantage of? Innovation management practices should have measurements that are tangible as well as intangible. For example, an employee may feel that they are the top producer in the company, but are not acknowledged in meetings for new and innovative ideas to implement. Management and HR can work in tandem so that there are opportunities in which they can actually highlight employees who are performing well. Research also shows that is not always money issues that makes it employee want to leave their place of business. In many cases, it is the feeling that they are considered a valuable member of the team. When they feel that they are valued, their performance also skyrockets.

What about employees that are interested in working with a prospective company? Innovative ideas for HR would include having a social platform that can be made public for new employees looking to get hired. If the social platform is engaging and encouraged amongst the staff, a prospective employee can actually get an idea of the culture behind the business. There have been cases where an employee made leave a company because they were not a “cultural fit.” Innovation in management techniques would also require that management themselves also participate on this platform. There is a growing trend of what is particularly considered “flat organizations” where there is open communication and dialogue is encouraged. This can work wonders for prospective employees as well as help with employee retention when they feel that they are contributing to the company’s brand.