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IBM Contract Jobs

IBM Contract Jobs

Jobs at IBM

IBM is one of the largest consulting firms in the world. It employs over 365,000 professionals and has clients the world over. It serves a wide variety of industries from Aerospace and manufacturing to retail and education and has the following functional expertise: Application Services; Business Intelligence; Customer Relationship Management; Financial Management; Human Capital Management; Oracle and People Soft; Packaged Software; SAP; Strategy and Change; Supply Chain Management.

IBM is a very diverse company with people from all walks of life and from all over the world. It is always looking for new people and hires computer scientists, engineers all business majors, MBAs and others both post graduates and undergraduates. IBM recruits on campuses and trough its web-site. If you are a student getting ready to graduate or are working on an advanced degree you can apply through your schools career services or through the company’s web-site. If you are a seasoned professional looking to move apply through the company’s web-site.

IBM has outstanding pay and benefits, including base pay, commission, bonuses and other pay. Overall the package depends on the results you deliver and the overall business performance of the company. There are also outstanding intangible benefits that help make the job suitable for a wide variety of individual needs. IBM emphasizes individual control over career development flexible work schedules and other things that result in a good work life balance.

The company invests heavily in training for it’s employees and offers four career paths that focus on consulting, sales, project management and technical competencies. Each individual chooses his/her own career path with the company’s support all the way. IBM provides a continuous learning environment with training you need when you need it. As part of a team you are expected to travel 100% of the time four day per week working at home most Fridays. You work as part of a team along side more experienced team members and learn as quickly as possible. Each individual employee documents his/her goals each year and establishes an individual development plan. Feedback is provided on performance for each project and on the capabilities demonstrated throughout the year.

Whether you are an experienced professional or a University Candidate there may be a place for you at IBM. It is a competitive, fast placed, challenging and exciting environment with a great many opportunities for those willing to work hard to build a great career. Apply for a career after upgrading your skills in IT at IBM.