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Human Obsolescence

Human Obsolescence

Human obsolescence is very serious problem in professions which involves high technical skill. Rapid development in the area of technology leads to skill obsolescence. Skill obsolescence in turn leads to human (Employee) obsolescence and in due course ends in loss of job. This problem has to be addressed by every organization. Continuous learning and knowledge up gradation is the only remedy for the problem. Both the organization (Employer) and the employee have to join hands to conquer the problem.

Meaning of Obsolescence

Obsolescence has been defined as the degree to which organizational professionals lack up-to-date knowledge necessary to maintain effective performance.

Organization’s Role

The organization can provide in house training, seminars, trade magazine subscription to update the skill of the employees. If the employee is provided opportunity to develop his skills, his sense of belongingness to the organization increases. The Organization also gets an updated and well equipped employee.

The organization’s role in this case starts from the hiring the right person for the right job. If anything goes wrong at this stage, all the efforts made by the organization to equip the employee with skill will go waste Job rotation helps the employees to have knowledge of all the aspects of the job. It also helps in avoiding boring repetition of the jobs. The senior managers should be insisted to act as a mentor by giving proper advice regarding adaptation of knowledge.

Employee’s Role

The employee should focus on his development. He should be on his own take steps to update his knowledge. He should understand that learning is a continues process. He should develop novel and creative thinking. The days have changed. It is impossible for the organization to take care of each and every employee’s needs.

The employees should develop self confidence and should assess himself periodically. He should use internet and books in proper way to get latest in formations in his field.

He should set career goals which are realistic, attainable and suitable to him. The employee should be keen in grabbing the opportunities that comes his way. He should have a good and amicable relationship with his managers to get updated knowledge and details of future opportunities.

To conclude, the human obsolescence is not only an organizational problem but has become a social problem. Loss of job all of sudden leads to emotional breakdown. It leads to suicide and killing of family members. It is a very serious problem that to be addressed by both the organization and the employees. They should unite hands to overcome the problem.The organization should apportion a part of its profit for training its employees in the latest technology.The amount spent so should be treated as an expenditure but should be capitalised as it fetches a well trained employee in future.The employee should also apart a percentage of his income for improving his level of knowledge.