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Corporate Management Titles

Corporate Management Titles

A corporation is a company that is vast in size, and that has many different divisions that produce services and products for its customers. In order to run these concerns a number of employees are required, and a special group of employees, also known as the board of directors are appointed by the company to govern them. The members of the Board of directors then act as advisors to the company, and have several employees working under them on specific tasks in a methodical manner. Because there are many different tasks of varied importance to be performed, the corporate management team is broken down into different divisions. Some of the ranks include the Chief executive officer, or the CEO, who is also known as the President, the chief financial officer (CFO), the vice president, the chief operating officer (COO), and so on.

Corporate titles are offered by various public sector or private sector organizations on the Officials of a company for identifying their role that is needed. Generally, big companies have a chairman or Chief Executive officer as their head followed by the ranks of president as their head but it has no official deputy. If we concentrate on this, it can be noticed that these corporate titles are most of the times given more for prestige and maintaining chain of command instead of differentiating between the jobs assigned to the employees. The division head is commonly referred to as Executive Vice President. This rank is almost the synonym of Vice Chairman. Sometimes it is also called President and CEO of the division depending on the structure of the organization.

Now let’s look at some of the Corporate Management titles, and study the job that they have to perform on a daily basis. The CEO is of the highest rank and makes final decisions for all matters of the company. He also plays a visionary, and other officers like COO, CFO, and CIO report to him. The presiding officer responsible for selecting or removing officers and the one responsible for the technical and environmental operations of a company is the Executive or the Non executive Chairperson. Nowadays, certain companies have broken down separate tasks for the Chairman and the CEO, and sometimes the two combine to form Non Executive Chairperson. Helping him is the Chief accounting officer and the Chief Administrative Officer. The CAO or Chief Analytics officer manages the data of a company’s activities and reports to the CEO. A new corporate management title offered by companies is the CBO, or the chief brand officer. A brand’s public image, aspects and promises made by the company to the customers is looked upon by him. He looks after the packaging, customer service and marketing of a product. A company’s brand Equity is reliant on him.

Chief Engineering officer is a corporate management title that can be mostly seen in technology and IT companies. He is responsible for the research and development of technology and products. Other important ranks include CTO, CPO, Treasurer, Superintendent and Supervisor.