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3 Tools by Google to Improve Your Content Marketing Strategy

3 Tools by Google to Improve Your Content Marketing Strategy

A good content marketing strategy comprises two aspects – regular, quality content and its marketing on the internet and social media platforms. While the content needs to be both frequent and high quality, it is equally important to market the content well. It is essential that people should read the content and share it on social networking websites. If the content is terrific then it might even go viral, therefore bringing in a storm of traffic to the website. However, for all this to happen, you need to put your content marketing strategy in place. Here are 3 powerful tools by Google that can help you with it.

Google Keyword Planner
This is an excellent tool for writers who need help in developing the content from scratch after they know the topic they are going to write on. Google Keyword Planner helps the writer in researching on a certain topic and finding out keywords related to that. For example, if you want to research on social media influence, then the Keyword Planner will reveal a long list of keywords related to it, like social media ads, promoted and sponsored posts, infographics, content marketing, etc.

With the introduction of Google Hummingbird, you need to focus more on long-tailed searches. Try to fit those keywords that have been revealed to form sentences to use in the title or body of the content to form a grammatical and meaningful sentence. For example, if you decide to use the keyword ‘sponsored post’ then use the keyword ‘what is a sponsored post’ or ‘how can I benefit from sponsored posts’.

Google Trends
Google Trends is a useful tool that reveals the current hot topics on the internet. From celebrities to cultural events, it tells you all that is gripping the online world. You can write upon them to increase the number of people who read your content. It is a great tool to avoid writing content that is out of tune with active readers and current events, and also writing content that is already out there too much or is thoroughly obsolete. To use it, you can search for a particular topic or a keyword, or simply a category that you want to write about. You need to select the region, time frame and category from drop-down menus. A graph denoting the interest trend is then displayed, along with a list of search terms.

Google Webmasters Tool
It is a simple and straightforward way to map out the content strategy by checking which keywords drive maximum traffic to your website thus benefiting it the most. You can find out which content your audience relates to the most and develop more of them.

Using these 3 Google tools will help you develop better content and marketing strategy in order to drive more traffic to your website.